Left For Dead - Official Music Video

Dont Bother - Official Music Video

Gillingham, Dorset based rock band, 2 Foot Moose have been playing on the pub scene around north dorset for a few years now. This young 5 piece are, in essence, a typical classic rock band, but theres something fresh about them. They are surrounded by fans that love them and amps that are bigger than them and their debut EP, 'Left For Dead', consists of 3 tracks that really takes 2 Foot Moose to a new level. If you have seen this band play live you might know them for their ACDC and Metallica covers more than their original music, but I feel this EP has created a pivotal point and taken them into a new league. These are songs that fans will remember and be singing along to for a long time to come. There's evidence of some great song writing through out the EP; especially evident in their rock anthem 'Don't Bother'. 'Breaking Through' was the song I felt was closest to the 'sound' that so many artists strive to achieve.

-  'music unbuttoned'.